Kimberly Allen from Richmond,VA

What she says about Lunchbox:
"I began using lunchbox approximately 1 year ago. I had an active fitness life, but I was struggling with my weight loss because of my eating habits and choices. I was introduced to Lunchbox to help with finding healthier and clean eating. Within in 1 week, I noticed instant results in my weight loss as well as I felt better physically and emotionally. I really enjoy the food options and variety and it is a sample in my healthy journey. I am very satisfied customer and will continue to be." 

Rebecca Cottingham from Midlothian, VA

What she says about Lunchbox:
"A person on a similar journey as myself told me about a food preparation small business. They gave me some information and where I could find them. I am the type of person who loves to support small business and I truly hate food preparation every week. It is something that every Sunday I tend to put off until the last minute. So I placed my first order with Lunchbox HQ and I was so thankful! It took the guess work out of a well balanced lunch or dinner. I just showed up on Sunday and picked up a full week of lunches. I would place them in my cooler every morning and simply heat at lunch time. It was absolutely perfect. Crystal and Brandon are amazing at what they do. They are both extremely friendly, helpful, and understanding. The food has a great flavor and I have not found an item that I didn't fall in love with. If you are looking for a great small business and for a company that takes the guess work out of food preparation, give Lunchbox HQ a try!"

Cassie Shelburne, Teacher from Harry E. James Elementary School    

What she says about Lunchbox:
"As a busy, working mom, I absolutely love having Lunchbox provide my lunches for the work week. Not only are they delicious, but also healthy! Brandon and Crystal are very helpful and reliable."

Beverly J. Brown, Customer Service Technician with Chesterfield County.

What she says about Lunchbox:

 "Lunchbox was introduced to me when I became a member of MASSive Performance.  As a single person, I found that after a long day at work and going to the gym, it was so much easier for me to have a program like this.  I could come home and not worry about what I should prepare for dinner or for that matter lunch for the next day.  Therefore, I participated in the  Lunchbox Meal Prep services.  The meals are delicious, freshly cooked, portioned in size, and prepared for your liking.  These meals are prepared as if you cooked them yourself.  In addition, you have a variety of selections to pick from.  I am pleased with this program because I can select the meal that I want for the next week.  The selection is there where you can choose what you desire.

I encourage everyone who wants a prepared and homecooked meal to get on board and contact Lunchbox on their website."

Jackie Pond, retired Chesterfield school teacher.

What she says about Lunchbox:

"I have participated with Lunchbox for about three weeks.  I am very pleased with the results of my selections.  The offerings are not many but varied enough with the different entrees.  My faves so far, are the Salmon entrée and California BLT.  I have not tried the breakfasts - yet!  The serving sizes are just right for me.  I also participate in Massive Performance so I can easily pick up my meals on work out days. Crystal and Brandon are delightful business people I consider friends.  I am surely planning to continue such an association.  Looking forward to the winter menus!  Thank you, Lunchbox HQ for being available!"